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I Ran Away With An All-Girl Band:

My life on the road with the Victory Sweethearts

You can hear the music playing in Patricia Wolff's "I Ran Away With an

All- Girl Band." In this funny, sweet, elegant memoir, the excitement of

being on stage for the first time, the melodies of summer nights, the

swirling dancers, the clink of glasses by the side of the bandstand, the

warmth of young love are painted in warm, vibrant colors. One needn't be a

sentimental lover of the Big Band era to enjoy Ms. Wolff's adventure, for

she writes of universals: leaving the small town behind, taking the big

leap, welcoming the surprises that life puts before us. Whether her band is

hopping from military base to military base, or waiting for the waters to

recede after the flood in Wichita so they can set up at the Blue Moon Night

Club, there is always a sense of optimism, hope and affection--a

positiveness--about these reminiscences. Ms. Wolff writes at one point, "We

were living such a different life than we had in Indiana." True enough, but

the things that would maintain in Indiana as well as Kansas as well as

Nebraska are the strengths of this book: fun, love, life itself.


-Bob Sullivan, author Flight of the Reindeer, Atlantis Rising, and Sinatra Remembered

"Wow! What a book!!! I just wish I could have been a fly traveling on Pat Wolff's

shoulder, sharing her journeys. I Ran Away With An All-Girl Band is a moving

picture of one woman's adventures which were way ahead of her times. Fast reading,

riveting and fun, fun, fun.

I loved it..."


-Susan Bondy, Nationally syndicated financial columnist


Pat's book was debuted at the Writer's Harvest Reading at Horizon Books, in Traverse City, Michigan on Saturday, November 6th, 1999. Pat completed the project while in hospice for cancer and was not well enough to attend the reading or her book signing the following day. However her sister Sue Kasler Clark read for her, and Pat very much enjoyed the hoopla surrounding publication. I Ran Away WIth An All-Girl Band remained a Northern Michigan best seller at for several weeks.

Pat passed away at her home on the morning of December 12, 1999.

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